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First Responders

RCMP, EPS, Firefighters, EMS Professionals, Correctional Officers, Military Members and Veterans through Veterans Affairs Canada.


Professionals who work the front line protecting or taking care of others have unique needs that require understanding. The physical and psychological demands, high risk situations, shift work and frequent critical incidents can create significant impacts.


Ongoing exposure to trauma on the job can impact the member physically, emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally. Those concerns can start to impact how a member connects with loved ones, themselves and the world around them.


It is also common to experience emotional impacts immediately, days, weeks or months after an incident or experience it after an accumulation of experiences (even years). Traumatic events can develop into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and if left untreated, it can worsen over time. PTSD can be better understood as an injury to the brain which highlights the importance of treating the injury.


Other reactions or experiences can be moral injury, difficulty with sleep, nightmares, flashbacks, relationship strains, low mood, increased anxiety, increased avoidance behaviours, engaging in less enjoyable activities, problems with alcohol, drugs or food, or emotional numbness. If you are able to relate to any of the above-mentioned concerns it’s important to realize they are common reactions to abnormal events and they can be changed.

Utilizing evidence-based practices we can work together and address and heal any injuries or concerns from the job. We also provide counselling and support for the spouses of the above mentioned members.

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