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Do you offer free consultations?


Yes. I offer free 15-minute phone call conversations that you can schedule through the online booking system(you will first need to create an account).   


Do you offer direct billing?


We specialize in treatment of first responders (military members, veterans, police officers and emergency medical personnel). We direct bill for all members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Edmonton Police Service (EPS), any veterans covered through Veterans Affairs Canada and any current-serving military members. We also offer direct billing through the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) if someone has an active claim.


At this time, we only offer direct billing for Alberta Blue Cross.


For all other insurance providers, your therapist will provide you with registered receipts for you to make insurance claims.


How much is a session?


The fee for a 50-minute session is $220.00 which is in accordance of the fee recommendation set by the Psychologist Association of Alberta. 


What to expect in the first session?


The first session serves as an intake session to go over any questions you may have and the forms sent to you prior to the session. Ultimately, it’s about getting to know you. To hear about what has brought you in, any difficulties you are navigating, your goals and general information that would be helpful for your care.


How long does therapy take?


Every individual comes into therapy for different reasons and with different needs. Because each case is unique there is no set time period for therapy. Depending on each client’s needs and what the client is seeking will shape how long the therapy process will take. This can be discussed with your therapist and throughout the therapeutic process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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