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Trauma/Complex  Trauma and Attachment Trauma


Trauma can result from a single event or numerous events that psychologically overwhelms a person. The aftermath of a traumatic experience can result in short term immediate responses such as denial or shock or longer-term concerns such as difficulty coping with stress, unpredictable emotions, relationship concerns, sleep difficulties, nightmares, flashbacks, low mood, increased avoidance behaviours, isolating, depression, increased anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Experiencing trauma in childhood (physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect) can also result in the same concerns and for many it can create further difficulty relating to themselves, others or the world around them.

Working through an attachment lens it is believed that we are relational beings that are significantly impacted by our earliest and first relationships. Attachment traumas can result from a consistent rupture in the bonding process between caregiver and child. This is less obvious than the traumas mentioned above, as it's about the child not having his/her early relational needs met. Often this is not intentional but can result in lasting difficulties and patterns into adulthood.

Utilizing evidence-based practices, we work collaboratively with clients to process current and old wounds to achieve healing and a balanced way of moving forward

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